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Dress Code Information


  • No underwear should be visible, this includes bra straps.
  • See-through shirts have to have a shirt worn under that falls within the dress code rules.
  • All shorts ( athletic or otherwise), skirts, and holes in pants have to be below the end of the fingertips when arms are straight and to the side of the body.  Athletic shorts may be worn for PE class only. 
  • No tube or halter tops.
  • No camisoles.
  • Necklines cannot be lower than armpit level.
  • All shirts, hats, and other items of clothing must be of appropriate content.Example:Gang or violence related, alcohol or tobacco related, and/or sexual content will not be allowed.
  • Any accessories such as bracelets or necklaces with inappropriate sexual, alcohol, tobacco, drug, and/or violent material will not be allowed. 

**Please Note** This school year leggings/yoga pants will be allowed as long as they are covered with shorts or dresses over the top. 

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See Also: Student Handbook for more details.

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