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Thomas Shafee: The main problem is inconsistency. Among those 880 editors, less than 100 do most of the work. The biggest Soma Double Cross Buy of error is missing or out of date information. Newly discovered side effects are missing from some drug articles, for example. Heilman and Diptanshu Das: False information is fairly uncommon but does occur, like in any other source. But there are a host of editors who check the information for facts.

Moreover, Wikipedia is a dynamic platform that anyone can edit, and Wikipedia has a large reader base. So, even if some errors inadvertently get into the articles, they do not remain unseen for long and get eliminated relatively soon. People do need to use common sense. Sometimes information can be wrong because ideas become outdated with newer evidence. RG: Do you think it is better to have no information than misinformation.

Heilman: Wikipedia appears to be the single most used medical resource globally. We see this massive number of users because Wikipedia is generally correct. In our opinion it is better to have a generally correct and incomplete source of medical information than no information at all. And medicine, like science, is not complete. Therefore, Wikipedia will always need Difluoroethane With Carisoprodol develop as long as the underlying research and practice are changing. RG: What role should medical Soma Prescription Online play in keeping Wikipedia Cheapest Soma. How can we encourage this.

Heilman: Medical professionals do currently write and review changes to Wikipedia. We need the number of professionals doing 235 work to expand, as Wikipedia has nearly 200,000 medical articles across more than 275 languages. More collaboration between Wikipedia and Drink Soma Reviews publishers could also be useful. RG: What are the main challenges in improving Wikipedia as a medical resource.

Das: The current community of long-term medical editors is small and spread Soma Double Cross Buy unevenly across Drink Soma Reviews world. An organized, scientific and encyclopedic approach seems difficult to achieve. However, this Muscle Relaxer Soma already happening. This is a new platform to publish articles without paying any charges, and the content gets publicly peer reviewed for quality and accuracy before being Soma Prescription Online. The published articles are all open access and the information can be directly integrated into Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has become a go-to source for definitions, celebrity facts, and now, medical information. A study by the IMS Health Institute published in January names Wikipedia as the "single leading source" of health care information for both patients and health care professionals. Amin Azzam tells NPR's Arun Rath. One the other hand, the reason it's so popular is because everyone Soma Prescription Online contribute. He teaches a course that encourages fourth-year medical students to use their knowledge to improve Wikipedia, one article at a time.

The syllabus fEfects, of course, posted on Wikipedia. Students choose one article from the top 100 Can I Buy Soma Online medical articles on the site and work on it throughout the course. For example, one of his students updated information about how long an HIV test can oSma a false negative result. Azzam says there's a lot of room for improving the quality Soma Double Cross Buy Wikipedia in the medical domain because doctors are late-comers to the resource. They have to make Somz about how Effevts order symptoms and how to remove jargon to make the information understandable. Xanax and Soma First Listen All Songs Considered Songs We Love Tiny Desk Alt.

Wikipedia: The 'Double-Edged Sword' Efects Crowdsourced Medicine Dr. SubscribeMedical students use Wikipedia in great numbers, but what if Soma Double Cross Buy were a more trusted source of information. Batea takes its name from the Spanish name for gold pan, according to Fred Trotter, a data journalist at DocGraph. UCSF, for instance, has what Trotter described as "a unique program where medical students edit Wikipedia for credit.