garrison front

Field Trip Guidelines: For ALL students attending Get Air Field Trip: Monday-7/8, Tuesday-6th.

Buy Valium drug online Field Trip Guidelines:  Valium sale philippines For ALL students attending Get Air Field Trip:   Buy cheap Valium overnight Valium mg kg Monday-7/8 10mg of valium equals how much Xanax valium online usa Tuesday-6th.

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  1.  You will be dismissed at approximately  Mano Valium 10mg Valium 300 mg 10:50 to come to the cafeteria for lunch.  Even if you bring your lunch, come to the cafeteria at that time. 
  2. We will board the buses at  Buy Valium xanax china Valium for sale uk 11:15. The sooner we leave, the more time we have at Get Air, so be prompt.
  3. Dress code:  If you wish to change into shorts or leggings, you can do that when we get to Get Air.  You do not have permission to wear your chosen attire at Garrison that morning before we leave.
  4. Do NOT bring backpacks:  You can leave those in room 206.  String bags with snacks, etc, can come with you.  There are cubbies available for storage at Get Air.  Also, snacks are available for purchase at the site.
  5. Be sure you have arranged for either a ride or know you will be walking when we return.
  6. Any student under the influence or in possession of any item of contraband (drugs, alcohol, weapons) will face the full consequences of the Walla Walla School District.
  7. Have FUN!  But be safe and considerate and good representatives of Garrison.