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g erect. Arun Pal Singh saysMarch 2, 2015 at 6:04 pmFrom what you have written to buy generic soma, you seem to have tuberculsosis of D11-12 and D2-3 vertebra without any neural involvement. Tuberculosis is a curable infection and in spine, the fear is of neural involvement which you suggest you do not have. But there is some fluid compressing on the cord.

Have you been clinically assessed for neural involvement. If notyou should be evaluated. Just to make sure. You have not mentioned how long you have taken ATT. You are on right treatment. Depending on the destruction of the vertebra and your symptoms, you might need a brace, if your treating physician thinks so. A spine TB without neural involvement is put on Carisoprodol treatment and should be able to come back to routine life in about 3-6 months though heavy physical work should not be done for a year or so.

But if there is a buying soma online next day delivery deficit, patient has to be put on rest to avoid spine load that occurs with erect posture. And the things may take longer time. Dhayalan saysMarch 3, 2015 at 12:01 amDear Doc. Thx n happy to receive ur reply. Neural involvement was not seen by treating doctor. However suggested to wear lumbar braces for 6 months order soma online cod coz this period, in his opinion, is going to be a deciding factor for surgical intervention or not for de compression. The spine compression he says is coz of psoas abscess n once its treated then it will be decompressed and para spinal will also be normal.

Edited - as requested Rgds n best wishes. I wanted your kind advice about buying without prescription soma regarding my case. I am in deep trouble these days. I started taking AKT from Dec 1 2011. The doctors performed decompression surgery on Dec 24, 2011. Post surgery, there was some order soma online prescription. However, i pills lost all sensation in lower limbs. They did another MRI and found that the problem has spread to D7. Subsequently, i was operated again on Jan 03, 2012.

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