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Sometimes due to the abnormal can 18 year old take Viagra of the lumbar vertebra with the sacrum, the lumbar movements can get affected and Viagra gumtree like lumbar scoliosis can develop. In some cases, lumbar extradural effects can also be seen. As the inter-vertebral disc between L5 and S1 is narrow or thin, there are higher chances of disc herniation.

Problems like disc protrusion or prolapse especially between the fourth and fifth disc, degeneration of disc, etc. Sacralization may Levitra on sale be an important consideration in disc surgeries. Sacralization can affect the centre of gravity at the spinal basis. As the fifth lumbar Levitra on sale gets fused with the sacrum and gets sacralized, the fourth lumbar vertebra becomes the last lumbar vertebra.

Hence, the L4 vertebra bears the responsibility of being the seat of spinal movement. However, the L4 vertebra may lack the ability to perform this function like L5 and can cause problems. With a fused L5, it is difficult for L4 vo chanh Viagra cope with the increased demand, causing over-use and undue strain to the disc between L4 and L5. This can gradually lead to pain and discomfort in the region of low back. Sacralized lumbar vertebra can affect spinal movement and put excess stress on the lumbar vertebrae and in-between disc.

Proper diagnosis can be done by using imaging studies. Treatment depends on the nature of the anomaly and associated symptoms. As there are many causes of back pain, further studies are required to determine the link between sacralization and back pain. Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSIPain Viagra gumtree Inc. Note: Information provided is not a substitute for physician, Viagra golden root complex or any form of medical care. Examination and Investigation is necessary for correct diagnosis.

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